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Here are just a few of the spaces that POSH has designed and/or organized.
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CASE STUDY #1: downsize from house to small condo (675 sq feet)

This client had just moved from a larger house to a small downtown Toronto condo. With a history of being a collector of objects, and a bit of a self-described "pack-rat", she was anxious for a new beginning with this move. The client's goal was to create a serene, uncluttered space in her new home. Prior to her move, POSH helped her to assess which items to pack, store, discard or donate. With a streamlined inventory of items to pack, consisting of only her most treasured belongings, the client was able to transition into her smaller space smoothly, and without being overwhelmed by a mass of unnecessary belongings.

This client also hired POSH to organize her new condo after the move. We encouraged the client, an avid collector and amateur photographer, to select her best pieces and photographs to be displayed throughout the space. POSH also assisted the client to organize her closets, installing additional closet shelves to maximize the potential of unused vertical space. We selected new furniture for the client, many of which were multi-functional pieces. For example, POSH ordered a new bed frame for the client, which housed six large drawers underneath -- invaluable storage for the client's clothing and linens.

A specific challenge presented by the client was for POSH to create a home office that would be as unobtrusive as possible for the open-concept design of her new condo. The client was delighted with POSH's solution - an ingenius "hidden" office, created inside of a freestanding wall unit. This allowed the client to easily work at home, then simply close the frosted glass doors of the unit, effectively disguising the entire workspace when not in use.

"I recently had the great fortune to hire Michelle as part of a team which was tasked with unpacking and organizing an entire 5-bedroom, 4-storey home in three days. With spirit and skill, Michelle made quick work out of the chaotic basement playroom and every other area she was assigned over the next few days. The client was delighted -- mission accomplished! And I would hire her again in a heartbeat."
Heather Renaud
The Civilized Move

"I was wowed with POSH from the get-go - from its crisp, impressive website (which is why I chose POSH over others, along with its prompt and friendly reply to my inital inquiry), to Michelle's professional, yet warm manner, and most importantly, her magic touch guided by a genuine talent for organizing.

I had moved from a small bachelor apartment to an even smaller one, and was completely overwhelmed with all of my accumulated 'stuff', what to do with it and how to work with it. I felt Michelle was very intuitive with what needed to be done, and 'gently nudged' me, in a non-judgmental way (it's embarassing to be a clutter bug!), towards a steady and miraculous transformation of my apartment to a warm space that I actually enjoyed coming home to. She helped me get rid of things, made a place for everything, and utilized the space I had to work with to its max while maintaining a fresh, uncluttered look and feel.

For anyone who feels lost when it comes to organization as I did, I cannot recommed POSH enough. This service is an omen, and truly requires talent and an eye for the big picture, and of course how to get there! POSH met and fully exceeded my expectations of an organizing service - I recommend it to anyone suffering from organizational anxiety - POSH is *THE* remedy."


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