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THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
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Autumn 2011 Organizing Tips

Moving into a new house can be exciting, stressful, and chaotic for most of us. It's a time to let go of the old and embrace the new possibilities! As I prepare to embark on this journey in the next couple of months, I can't help but think of all the ways I can get organized for moving day!

Here are some Posh Tips to help make your move a smoother one ...

  • Minimize what you have to move. Paring down your belongings is great to do when you're packing! Ask yourself if you really need to keep that old fondue set you've used once a couple of decades ago. Take your time to pack the items you use and cherish and you will find that your new home will be filled with the essentials that make you happy.
  • Create a list of services to notify of your move. You can save money by cancelling services on time such as newspaper delivery, magazine subscriptions and cable/internet service. You can contact these service providers well in advance of your move so it's one less thing to think about on your actual moving day!
  • Pack Early! Packing items that are infrequently used in advance of your move can minimize chaos. Pack seasonal clothes and sports equipment that are not in use. Pack half of your dishes and utensils if you don't anticipate entertaining many guests before your move. The less you have to pack as moving day approaches, the better.
  • Pack Right! Create a labelling system for the boxes packed. Mark them according to which room you want to movers to leave them in. Use coloured markers or tape for easy identification. Make sure to label “fragile” boxes clearly, or move those ones yourself. Unpacking will be a lot easier if you know in advance what each box contains.
  • Give yourself time. Make sure you have the time you need to pack, coordinate your move and get everything prepared. Plan to take a vacation day or two if needed. Moving in a rush or panic is a precursor for disaster and you might forget something very important!
These are only a handful of packing tips to help get you motivated to tackle one of the most stressful life events most of us go through. If you are well prepared for your move, you can enjoy the rewards of this major transition. With a new home, you start a new chapter in your life, begin new friendships in your new neighbourhood, and open up a world of possibilities!

Happy Moving!!!

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