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The Sort Report

THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
as well as helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized in your own home or office.

January's Organizing Tips
Welcome 2008!!!

Entering into a New Year and a fresh start always gets us thinking of ways we can improve ourselves, our lives and sometimes, our organization skills! Here are some ways you can get a head start on organizing your life as we enter into a brand new year.
  1. Plan your time: Using a Day Planner or PDA device can help you see where your time is going, remember appointments and important dates. At the beginning of the year, enter in birthdays, anniversaries and other important information into the corresponding dates and then thereís no need to strain your brain and worry about forgetting those important occasions for the rest of the year! Just donít forget to review your calendar at the beginning of each week.

  2. Get on Track with your Budget: Do you have difficulty making payments on time? Do your bills dictate your life? If so, it may be time to take a closer look at how your money is being spent. With the aid of a Financial Planner, or a friend you trust with good financial savvy, create a budget that works for you. Itís a good idea to keep receipts for each month to determine where your money is going. Look at trends such as if you are paying with cash or credit, and if you are paying unnecessary fees that you could avoid, such as late payment fees or bank charges.

  3. Personal Goals: Many of us set personal goals at the start of the year such as eating healthily, getting more exercise, or quitting smoking. Set yourself up for success by being realistic about these goals. Itís easier to break up these large goals into a series of smaller achievable ones. Once the smaller goals are met, self confidence increases and weíre on the path to success! Get support from friends, family or a trained professional if needed.

Happy New Year to You and Yours from POSH!

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