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The Sort Report

THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
as well as helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized in your own home or office.

March Organizing Tips
One area where we often lose control over clutter is our desk! Depending on your job, you may spend hours at a time sitting at your desk, or you may spend minimal time there just to get the paperwork done. Whatever your situation, having an efficient and functional desk is important for productivity and your sanity! Here are a few Posh tips to keep your workspace stress-free ...
  1. Keep the surface of your desk as clear and clean as possible. The objects on your desk should be ones that you use all the time, such as a pen holder, keyboard, mouse and desk lamp. If you have dozens of picture frames, snacks and gadgets, you will be easily distracted and less productive.

  2. Conquer paper clutter by opening mail over the recycling bin to prevent paper build up. Paper on your desk should be in use, or moving into a filing cabinet very soon! Keep your in/out boxes moving into filing cabinets once they are dealt with. One good rule of thumb ... if the information is accessible via internet, you can get rid of the paper!

  3. Ergonomics are essential! If you are at your desk for hours at a time, itís important to have the proper set-up. It is worthwhile to have a physiotherapist assess your desk and observe how you work. They may provide very valuable advice on ways you can prevent injury in the future.

  4. Do not take your lunch break at your desk. As much as you believe you are getting more work done by eating at your desk, you may be impeding your productivity! Sitting at your desk all day long is tiring for your eyes, neck and back. Walking and stretching your legs during your lunch break is needed, well-deserved, and will allow you to be refreshed when you get back to your tasks after lunch.

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