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The Sort Report

THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
as well as helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized in your own home or office.

April Organizing Tips
Itís that time of year againÖtime for SPRING CLEANING! Getting your living space organized and Spring Cleaning go hand in hand. If the thought of this is overwhelming, maybe an Professional Organizer can take charge and save the day! Here are some tips to get you started on the right track.
  1. Timing is Everything. Make sure you choose a day to start your spring cleaning when you donít have a full schedule. Itís important to dedicate some time to this process so it can be done properly and you can really think about the functionality of the space. This will save time during the year because you will know where everything goes.

  2. One Area at a Time. Break up your living space into zones to be organized. Tackle one zone at a time and take your time to completely go through everything. When you find items that do not belong to that zone, place them into a basket at the door to remind yourself later to take these items to their appropriate places.

  3. Systems. Set up systems that work for you and keep in mind that everyone has different ways of functioning that are more efficient for them. For example, some families may have a different coloured folder for each childís school forms, while another family may find it easier to label a folder with each childís name. Give some thought as to which ways would work for you.

  4. Have Fun! This process doesnít have to seem like a chore. Set aside a day and get your family into it. Play your favourite music and get into a rhythm! Organizing can be fun!

  5. Responsible Purging. Keep in mind those less fortunate when you are doing your spring cleaning. There are many local charities who would appreciate what is now garbage to you. Keep your unwanted items in one place and when you are finished your spring cleaning, check the internet for local charities who would accept your donations. Some of these places will even come to your home to pick up the items, saving you even more time!

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