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The Sort Report

THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
as well as helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized in your own home or office.

July Organizing Tips
With summer in full swing, many of us have vacation plans! To fully enjoy your well deserved time off, itís important to plan well and pack smart. Before you hit the road, here are a few Posh tips and clever packing ideas to avoid any unexpected disasters!
  1. Make a list. If you pack following a pre-meditated list, you are less likely to over pack for your trip. This could even save you money as many airlines charge if your luggage exceeds a certain weight. Check your local airline before you start your packing to find out what the weight limit is for your luggage.

  2. Choose the appropriate luggage for your trip. The right size of luggage will help you decide whatís most important to bring. For trips 3 days of less, pack a small luggage, for a 1 week trip, a medium luggage, and for 2 weeks or more, the large luggage. For outdoorsy adventures, think about a sturdy backpack with lots of pockets and good back support. Lugging around an uncomfortable bag can ruin your vacation!

  3. Pack a mix & match wardrobe! Think about what type of clothing you will need for your vacation and pack clothing that can be worn for multiple occasions and that will match other items you are bringing. You may want to go with a neutral colour palette with a couple of bold colours to add punch to your attire. For shoes, pack no more than 2 pairs! You should wear your most comfortable shoes for travelling (hopefully these are also your bulkiest!), and pack maximum 2 more pairs depending on special events you may be attending.

  4. Keep important documents in your carry-on. Your plane tickets, passport and itinerary should always be together in your carry-on. Itís a good idea to make photocopies of your ID prior to your departure just in case you lose any of your documents. Look up the location of the Canadian Consulate in the country you are travelling to just in case!

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