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The Sort Report

THE SORT REPORT is your source for all POSH news and events,
as well as helpful tips and ideas on how to get organized in your own home or office.

December's Organizing Tips
'Tis the season!

Does the holiday season seem to sneak up on you year after year? Does your disorganization prevent you from having a relaxing holiday with family and friends? Tired of running around busy malls, fighting for parking and waiting in long line-ups? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, take note of a few tips for the holidays to make it a pleasant and memorable one ...
  1. Stock up on holiday supplies right after the holidays! The best time to buy holiday wrapping paper, and cards for the next year are when they go on sale right after the holiday. You will save yourself money and time ... be sure to remember where you store them!

  2. Keep track of holiday expenses by creating a budget before you shop and keeping all receipts in one place in case the recipient needs to return or exchange your gift. This will help prevent overspending, which most of us tend to do.

  3. Purchase holiday gifts throughout the year if you find “the perfect gift” for a loved one at any time. Label and store them in a safe place. This way, you won’t be scrambling in the malls to get “just anything” for your family and friends.

  4. Don't forget to pick up a few generic host/hostess gifts for those unexpected invitations to holiday gatherings. Popular choices are a nice bottle of ice wine, gourmet olive oil for the chef in the house, or freshly scented soaps or hand lotion. This way you’re always prepared for a party!

  5. Don't forget to make some time just for you! Frequently we are so busy running around trying to please others, and we forget about rewarding ourselves! Take time out to get a pedicure, a massage, or spend some quiet time reading or meditating.

Have a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Holiday from POSH!

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